Who is ZOA?

City Magazine: You were a Geography student at the time you've made your first bracelet, over 10 years ago. Did you expect you hobby would turn our to be a successful international business?
First pieces were born on my school desk. Whenever I was taking a break from studying, I'd focus on crafting colorful bracelets to ease my mind. A game changing point in turning this into a legitimate business was simple positive feedback I had received through showcasing my designs on various handmade fairs, open exhibitions and good old word of mouth advertising. 
City Magazine: Can you single out one bracelet you were most proud when you have finished it?
Yes. It's called Amelie. The selection of materials as well as the color play has become a concept which many other bracelets are built upon. 
City Magazine: What is the best thing about your job?
The creative process itself. Once I immerse into the world of shapes and colors, that's when I feel right at home. I find inspiration in nature, the sea, the mountains, the unforgettable travels and good times with friends. Everything that comes after is just business. Being your own boss and recognizing what you create reaches a wide audience of stylish people also helps. 
City Magazine: What's your ultimate goal for Zoa Handmade Bracelets?
To cast a wide net and cover worldwide markets of course. Happy to say the plan is working great so far! We ship out bracelets to Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Czech Republic, Belgium and Cyprus. 
City Magazine: How do you pick and choose the best materials to bring your vision to life?
By touching and envisioning the setting in which one would wear the bracelet. High quality leather, metal and glass pearls are imperative. If they are top shelf, it translates to the final product that must look and feel relaxed, but luxurious. 
City Magazine: Finally, what's fresh from the oven in Zoa Handmade workshop?
New collection Spring/Summer 2019! It's already in our web store so feel free to check them out and let us know what you guys think. 
Zorana Grozdanic, designer,  TV Prva: