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ZOA is an international brand powered by pure dedication to quality - without compromising on the fun parts of designing handmade extensions of woman’s playfulness and elegance in the form of a simple bracelet. 

“ZOA boho bracelets became an accessory people now recognize me for, an extended representation of my playful personality in a dull crowd. I’m showered with compliments on my shabby chic style each time I wear them…which is always!”

Johanna T.

The Story of Zoa

How would one describe ZOA Handmade Bracelets to a friend who has never seen them? We like to think modern, urban, boho and  hippie, with a pinch of romantic. What inspires Zoa is her sense of touch, how the materials feel on skin, their quality and most importantly, the color play.

Each bracelet is handmade, each design unique and inspired by the "Kodak moments" in life. 

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